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Our Offerings


1/2 and All Day Tours

  • You can book a total of 5 ATVs. Two single (driver) ATVs and Three double (Driver and Passenger) ATVs
  • 1/2 Day Tour: 3-4-hour tour for 169.99 for driver and 69.99 for passenger
  • All day tour which is 6-7 hours  269.99 for driver and 169.99 for passenger
  • Visit the "Tour" page to book your adventure today!


Overnight Tour - A True Alaskan Experience

  • Camping trip 3 day, 2 night for 950.00 per person*
    • Roughing it down the trails and around a warm campfire. Sleeping accommodations include small tents. Meals are a simple campfire meat and potatoes type affair.
    • Camping trips are available by call in appointment only. Contact us at 907 305-0833 for more details.


* indicates minimum required to book 3 persons


3 Day and All Day tours are available upon request and require a call in reservation due to advanced planning and availability. Please give us a call at (907) 305-0833 as soon as possible so that we can get you on the books. A refundable deposit is required for both of these options. Deposits are non refundable within 5 days of your reservation.


Special Requests

Do you have parties of five or more, need help planning a special occasions or require additional accommodations on your tour? We can help. Please let us know at the time of booking or contact us prior to your booking so that we can accommodate your needs.


What to Bring

  • Bug Dope
  • Mud boots (no open toed shoes)
  • Rain gear (never know when you will need it)
  • Camera
  • Great sense of humor and adventure
  • Remember in Alaska, always dress in layers
  • Snacks and water is provided (but feel welcome to bring along your own stash)
  • If you are booking a camping trip you will need these additional items:
    • Sleeping bag
    • Dry clothes
    • Personal items



Let’s Go a Little North of Normal and hit those back trails of Alaska for adventure and fun!

Our main trail head is just one mile past Eureka lodge, gateway to an Alaskan playground!


Surrounded by majestic mountains, spectacular glaciers and abundant wildlife, Eureka Lodge is only 128 miles Northeast of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway. The Drive to Eureka Lodge is stunning!  Home to world-class snowmobiling, ATV trails, and scenic views. Wildlife could include, bears, caribou, eagles, moose and many more! There are five different trail heads up to mile 128 of the Glenn Highway. Honestly you never know what you will see as you travel down the trails in this area of Alaska! Trail head availability will depend upon weather and rider skill level.


Please note that here in Alaska we have unpredictable weather conditions and even more unpredictable wildlife that often accompany us on the trail. We put safety first in 100% of what we do and reserve the right to cancel  or reschedule a reservation or reroute a tour due to these unforeseen circumstances. We will notify you in the event of both as soon as we know.

Ask about our Military, Veteran and senior discounts!

North of Normal

ATV Tours

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